Sunday, July 16, 2017

A better tweeter for the LM-1 ... Maybe

A fellow DIYAudio member pointed the NE25VTS tweeter to me.

Has a very useful range, from around 2kHz up through 20.

Advantages over XT25BG60 - The diameter is about half the size. This allows very tight mounting next to the tweeter.

Disadvantage: Frequency response. The XT25BG is unbelievably flat through 30 kHz. The NE25 is more ragged, rising response and not as extended.

If I was re-thinking the LM-1/LM-1C, this tweeter would be a top contender as a replacement,especially with the LM-1C as it would allow much closer positioning of all 3 drivers. If you are looking to design a two-way near-field monitor and must have very close center to center spacing AND a low crossover point then this may be an ideal compromise.

It is certainly not a drop in replacement for the XT25BG however. Using it would require you to measure it in place before attempting the correct crossover for it.

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