Monday, November 14, 2016

LM-1 2.1 Subwoofer System

Work is under construction!

I've come across a couple of incredible deals over at Parts Express I hope to have the time and money to take advantage of. As you may know, I've been listening to the LM-1 as desktop speakers. They do a fantastic job with just 20 watts, but.... they really have no bass. It shows up more on games than movies.

The LM-1's have amazing bass in a bookshelf with very good rear wall reinforcement though! 

Parts Express is selling a powerful but small 10" subwoofer/cabinet bundle for under $200, plus, they have a 2.1 channel plate amplifier for another $100. The combination makes the foundation for a perfect multimedia system that would still be small, and couple very well with the LM-1 kit.

I've been using the LM-1 with a full-range 20 Watt digital amplifier and they really sound great. I expect the 2.1 amplifier to sound even better. The plate amplifier adds a high-pass to the amp. So the speakers will still have 20 Watts, but dedicated to 80 Hz on up. A separate 50 Watt amp drives the subwoofer itself. See where this is going? Of course, everything depends, but you could end up with the same volume and power of a s150 Watt/channel system. Bi-amplified systems are more power efficient than single amp systems, generally speaking and with music so this idea makes mathematical sense.

The combination is the perfect size for a desk or dorm-room. I just hope the cash magically appears so I can build it before the sale ends.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The LM-1 vs. Home Theater

As mentioned The LM-1 is most at home on a bookcase, with the back panel wall within 6" to 12" of the rear wall. For the all-analog audiophile that wants a purist system this is perfect.

However, if you are more progressive, and have access to room-correction then you can use the LM-1 pretty much anywhere.  Of course, this usually means a home theater.

If you are going to use them with a sub you may wish to plug the ports though, as that will give you the most dynamic range and make for the easiest crossover matching.

Good listening!